Rooted lace wigs A.K.A root realness

Root realness is one of the most popular thing in hair game these days. They are not brand new, and they are not invented by celebrities’ wig makers, but they made them popular. 3 years ago when I bought my first human hair full lace wig, I already knew that I want to put this detail on it. Not because it was my original idea, but because I saw it on Youtube. 3 years ago this technique was already known and used by many people.
While many women (and men) touch up their roots as often as it’s possible to fake their own haircolor, wig wearers try to do everything to fake, that wig is their own hair and putting roots on a wig is one of the best option. It fools others because many people think “why would anybody make a rooted look, while other people try to hide their roots”. This is why a lot of people still think that Lady Gaga and Beyonce have only hair extensions/weaves (because it’s obvious for them that hairs length not changes just like that). It also makes the parting more visible and realistic. A platinum blond wig combinated with a nude wig cap underneath makes the parting disappear, but with darker roots, there are enough contrast to make the parting visible.

For those who want make their own wigs with roots or put roots on an existing wig,  here are the options witp pros and cons.

  1. Ventilating with pre rooted hair. This is the best option, although, it’s not perfect just like everything. For this, you need to dye the hair bulk or the wefted hair, before ventilating. This way, the roots can be made perfectly even, you won’t dye the lace accidentally and the dye won’t catch the lighter parts. These are the pros. Dying an existing wig is hard without dying lace, making even, natural looking roots and save the lighter part from discoloring while washing the dye off. This is how manufactures make rooted wigs. The only con is that this way, the knos will be made from the dyed part, so they will be dark. It’s solvable with knot bleaching or dye removing, but putting chemicals on the knots make them loose and the quality will be worse.
  2. Dying roots after ventilation (on your own creation or a purchased wig). This is the DIY method what’s up on youtube in tutorials. You have to dye the roots as you would do it on your own hair. It has the risk that the hairdye will color the lace, it bleeds and colors the rest of the hair while washing, and the different areas can have different lengths of roots. The good part of it that you don’t have to make the ventilation process or you don’t have to pay for somebody for it. Anyway, it’s the most risky option.
  3. Bleaching virgin hair after ventilation or on a purchased wig. This way, there are no risk with dying but there are with bleaching. The wig has to be made from virgin hair and when it’s ready, you have to bleach the part what you want to be lighter in color. Home bleaching black hair is not a good idea if you want an ashy light or platinum color. Anyway, if you want roots on a red brown or dark blonde wig, it’s the second best option. This method has the risk that the roots will be uneven, but you wont dye the lace and there’s no hairdye what could effect on the lighter part. The knots will still be dark but they are bleachable.
  4. Now there’s no more option for making rooted human hair wigs, but there are also synthetic ones. For this, you will need  a permanent markerin black or dark brown. Just draw the roots you want on the hair part by part. Be careful, don’t color the lace and if you can, stay away from the knots. THIS METHOD IS ONYL USEABLE WITH GLUELESS (LACE FRONT) WIGS. If you plan that you will glue or tape it, don’t do it, rather buy a pre rooted wig. When you want to remove the wig with alcohol or glue remover, it will solve the permanent marker, it will bleed on the lace and the rest of the hair.


  • If you dye roots on chemically treated hair, use warmer colors because ash tone colors make pre bleached hair gray.
  • If you dye roots on a wig, not loose or wefted hair, seal the lace with got2B glue or something like that. (there are good tutorials on youtube) It also prevents the dye touching the knots)
  • When you wash off the dye, make sure that the rest of the hair is dry, because if it’s  dry, there’s no way that the dye bleeds through on the lighter part.Ask somebody to help to hold the hair in the air whyle you are washing the roots.
  • Straighten the hair before dying. It makes easier to dye part by part (wont messing up that easily)
  • If you accidentally dyed the lace, don’t bleach it (it damages the knots) use a hair color remover (the one what smells like sh#t). Also use this if you are a wigmaker and wokr with prerooted hair. Don’t bleach the knots, just remove the unwanted haircolor from them.
  • Be careful with the root color. Don’t use a jet black dye for roots, even if you hair seems black on the roots. On chemically treated hair, dark brown will look black, medium brown will look dark brown and so on.

If you want me to make wig for you with roots, I suggest the first option.

Nicki-Minaj 1

5 thoughts on “Rooted lace wigs A.K.A root realness

  1. Great post….If you notice, Beyonce almost ALWAYS has darker roots on her wigs, i think thats why they look so natural…I do hair for a living, and watch her hair very closely, Sometimes she wears her own hair, but mostly wigs, and they always look really good. At the superbowl, that was a wig, but at the presidents inauguration, that was her hair with extensions and hairpieces added i believe. Nikki Minaj wears good wigs, often with roots, but because of the crazy colors and lengths sometimes, they always look like wigs to me.

    • Yes, Beyonce has the most natural looking wigs between celebrities. Sometimes i really can’t tall that it’s a weave or a wig. But she’s doing this since a long time. Gaga gets better and better, but she doesn’t really mind that she looks fake sometimes. So as Nicki Minaj. She has natural hair underneath those crazy wigs, but some of them look quite natural. Her hairline is very low what makes wearing lace wigs difficult.

      • Yes, i agree. I wonder who does Beyonce’s wigs? The hairlines are the best i’ve ever seen…(besides yours)..she probably has a custom wigmaker…I’d love to check out her closet…i bet she has a room just for her wigs…probably rows and rows of wigheads with beautiful, expensive wigs lol…i bet she has at least a hundred, and probably always getting more made!

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  3. dude or dudet your so awesome
    i always taught Onika and beyonce’s

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