Where can I buy wig making supplies

When I started to learn lace wig making, I had no idea where could I get the supplies for a  good price. After 2 years I know that I wasted a lot of money, but what happened happened. I could be envy and keep the “secrets” for myself, but I’m not that kind, and I also know that those who have the affinity to learn wig making and create their own wigs, they wouldn’t purchase a custom unit from me anyway, so I won’t lose potential customers with this entry, but I will help for those who just start it now.
Other wig makers said that what I do with sharing all these infos Is really bad for individual wig makers. I would only like to say that I found 85% of these website by myself with simple googleing so If I could, anybody with a computer and internet connection can do this too. I just collected the links.
These are all retail stores selling their products to anyone who’s got the money, so it’s not a secret circle for wig makers.

What a newbie  needs for sure is a canvas block head in the right size, needles for ventilation, one needle holder at least, lace ( or something lace-like to practice), hair and a bunch of ball head pins. There are also many other stuff what a wigmaker needs or what would make everything easier, but for learning, these things are enough. With these you can decide rather or not you want to learn the whole process.

For beginners, korean lace is the best type because it’s hard to rip. You can buy some through this link


The next main thing what you will need is a drawing pad/mat/card. This tool helps to keep the loose hair together while you just pick out a few strands.
For cap building you will need clear nylon thread, a sewing needle and if you want you can use gallons (tightly woven ribbon) for seaming the edges of the cap.
For blending different colors of hair or to get out the short waste hairs of  a bundle, you will need a hackle. It’s a tool with very sharp spikes. It’s quite expensive.
For comfortable work, you can use a wig block holder tripod or table block holder, but some wig maker (like me) prefer to hold the block in its lap or on a pillow.

For basic wig making, these tools are enough. There are other things for professionals to make the wig better, but i don’t want to make this entry too long. I also want to explain the terms, tools and techniques in an other post.

Ok. So buying tools and materials is the cheapest from China.
The cheapest store I know is Amazing hair store. They have synthetic swiss lace at the lowest price in different colors, the  cheapest drawing card, good holders, needles, siccors, canvas head(only medium size), block holders in many type and even monofilament for mono tops which is rare on the market. The only problem with them that the shipping takes a lot of time, but they don’t charge a lot for regular airmail, only the express shipping is expensive. If you’re on a budget, you need this seller. (anyway, they are up on eBay, but the fleshtone lace only available in the online store, and a US seller sell their lace for double price and the size is half, so beware)

Hugo Royers store is a UK located online shop for mostly theatrical wig makers, but a lot of stuff is useable for everyday wigs. They have blocks in every size (wooden and canvas), good asian needles, regular tools for regular price. They have a lot of materials for cap building. Be careful with the laces. Film lace is too soft and fragile for everyday wearing.  2905 or 2906 stage laces are strong and durable but they are fraying as well, so if you want to cut the excess lace, you should choose something else. Don’t buy german needles from them because their german needle is so thick that it can’t be pushed through the small holes.
They have 2 shipping options. Cheap airmail or courier shipping. Unfortunately EU customers has to pay 19% selling tax. You CAN’T pay via paypal
Banbury Postiche sell the same things at same price, but the shipping more expensive because they only offer first class mail for domestic delivery. They have the 19% VAT as well I bought canvas head from the once. It’s asymmetrical but useable.

Atelier Bassi is ridiculously expensive, but they sell german quality supplies.  Once I bought lace from them and it was tulle what’s fraying so I couldn’t use it for everyday wigs. It’s mostly for  swiss theatrical wigmakers, no one else. Their shipping is way too expensive too. Simple, not registered airmail for a weightless tulle is about 20-25$

His and Her hair is one of the best suppliers in US. They are not cheap, but trusted. Shipping is expensive for international buyers. They have very good laces, canvas heads, wig bases, hairs, tools, starter kits and DVD-s for learning.

MHRW International has a few tools for wig making but everything is very expensive

Amid Beauty is an american company. They sell many type of laces but  bad quality as I heard. Once I ordered a few things from them. After a few weeks they sent back my money and said that they can’t send me the stuff. I won’t order from them.

Alcone company is quite expensive, but surprisingly the lace and canvas heads are relatively cheap. Also the shipping price is not that insane as other US seller’s

Wig and hairpiece supply: cheap canvas heads, and other stuff for wig making. They are based in the US. They have a cataloge with all their supplies. Not everything is up on the site.

Stylish Lace Wigs sells some good lace for a good price. Located in UK, the shipping is fast worldwide and you can pay with paypal. Everything else they offer is avarage for me. (similar lace is available fro lower price on eBay.co.uk. Link down below)


Fisbach + Miller is a high quality German wig making supplier (they have stretch lace), but they seem to only sell for professionals. You can contact them through the website in e-mail and they decide that you worth to answer or not. (check the spams)  Many wigmaker said that they didn’t get respond. I contacted them, they didn’t respond, but 4 days later I got their catalog and pricelist in the mail, so I know ther item codes and prices so I can order but I don’t plan it now cause they are too expensive for me. Anyway, they have high quality laces. Lili Seymour showed in her video them and she said one of them is her best lace and she use it. She didn’t tell the name of the company, just “german company” but there is the name on the box she showed. If you interested in something’s price, let me know and I tell you.


I almost forgot Amarie’s store from Amarie full lace wigs. She’s a custom wigmaker in Minnesota who also sells laces, canvas heads , starter kit and DVD to learn. I only tried her swiss lace and to be honest, it’ not the best i’ve ever had. It’s not as stiff as I like and only invisible if it’s glued down with liquid adhesive (what I don’t do), so it’s not for everyone. But it’s not fraying, very durable and dyeable.


Canvas heads are available at these sites:




Some supplier from Germany. Somebody from Spain showed me them. It seems they are reselling Fischback + Miller’s stuff but I’m not sure.